Meie teenuste hulgast leiate kõik, mida ühelt kullassepalt/ juveliirilt oodata võiks

Uute ehete valmistamisest, nii teie kui meie materjalidest kuni parandamiste ja puhastamisteni välja. Meilt võite küsida graveerimist nii metallile kui klaasile. Valikus on kõikvõimalikke vääris kui poolvääriskive. Briljandid, smaragdid, safiirid, rubiinid, tsitriinid ja mäekristallid, looduslikud ja sünteetilised, suured ja väikesed.


Welcome to our site!

Today we are goldsmith company having experience in the field over 40 years.

We like this magic to bring beautiful jewelry into reality and its always exiting to start a new project. The best in all of that, is that smile and shine in clients eyes after hard work. This vision changes “hard work” into thrilling times in our everyday lives.

If you have any idea or question related with gold, silver, lost gems or other jewelry themes, you are welcome to ask. Most of the time we have a solution. There is not much our jewelers have´nt seen jet.

From repairing to making new things from the scratch is our everyday life. We can find your favorite gem and make jewelry from it. Or diamonds from Antwerpen. Or whatever comes to your mind, just ask and lets make your jewelry dreams come true.